Homecoming offers warm welcome to new students, bittersweet goodbye to seniors

PHOTO: For some students, it is their first time at the Homecoming dance, while it is their last for others. (A. Dhakal)

By Grace Kishiyama,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Senior class president Sophia Fingerman has put hours of work into making this year’s Hollywood Homecoming possible.

Though the responsibility of organizing Homecoming was stressful, Fingerman describes it as “memorable, ambitious and spirited,” and that her role as senior class president has made this experience better than those in the past.

Sophomore Emily Castles is a new student who transferred from Saint Francis High this fall. Although she is new to Davis High, this isn’t her first school dance. She’s attended Homecoming at SFHS as well as at Jesuit High School. 

“The spirit days are fun,” Castles said, though she admits that they’re “not as hype as the ones at SFHS,” because not as many people dress up and show school spirit here. 

Sophomore Andrew Baum played in the varsity football game against Pleasant Grove on Friday. “I’ve been a little overwhelmed with the amount of energy Homecoming generates,” Baum said after their win. “I think it creates extra hype by winning the game.”

“I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any room in the home stands,” Baum continued, saying that there were more people at the Homecoming game than any of the other home games. There was a lot of positive energy at the game, according to Baum, and the noise from the crowd “was almost deafening, making it difficult to hear the plays that coaches were calling from the side of the field.”

Some students scrambled over to DHS after their other commitments. Senior Nellie Cox, for instance, returned after her cross country invitational in Fresno. 

“It’s better to do something like Homecoming after the big race,” Cox said.

Cox added that this year’s Homecoming is a bittersweet end to an ongoing high school dance experience. “It feels strange,” she said. “It was something I looked forward to in the past three years.”

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