Students share same fun float building

PHOTO: The juniors’ western-themed float parades through Downtown Davis.

Sophomores take on sci-fi theme

By James Benson, Staff–

At Davis High in the FFA barn area, the sophomores are talking over plans to build a sci-fi themed float for the parade that will take place on Oct. 11.

“It is really cool how we get to participate as sophomores in the parade,” sophomore helper Odie Lopez said.

leader of the event Logan Green has acquired a trailer from a “fellow stud-gover.”They will use the trailer as a base for the float. For the  -fi theme, they strongly emphasize how it should have space-like features. 

The sophomores finished talking about plans and they started to get into the action. They placed a greenish tarp on the trailer taping in the edges to eliminate a messy look. After applying the tarp they decide to spray paint it black to make the tarp seem like space.

When they got the tarp exactly how they liked it, they placed plants around the space like trailer. 

“The plants show life on Mars,” Green said.

“We want to put fake planets around the float and have other alien/Sci-Fi designs painted on. We will spray paint glowing planets onto the sci-fi looking float and we plan to dress up as aliens for the parade,” co-leader Grace Scheuring said.

Juniors tackle the western float for homecoming

By Tom Chitwood, Staff–

A group of devoted juniors from Davis High are putting together their float for homecoming week this week at the Flying Horse Farm. 

The front of the float will feature a large desert scene complete with cut out cactuses, plastic horses, a miniature hay bail and signs pointing to traditional western areas. The back will be dressed up as a saloon with a large cardboard storefront serving as the main feature. 

“[The attitude] is great,” junior Marley Adler said. “We are all really excited about creating a fun and interactive float.” 

The juniors plan to dress up as cowboys and give out candy from the saloon.

According to junior leader Liam Swenson, the float was a group effort.

“To say I designed would be not true,” Swenson said. “Everyone is collaborating with their own ideas.” 

The juniors work in groups painting signs, setting up props and cutting out decorations. The painters use a mix of paint to depictwooden signs and the back of the float will feature a large, black sign which says ‘Class of 21.’

Superhero senior float starts from humble beginning

By Leah Rosenheim, Staff–

On senior Diana Martin’s barn off of Mace Boulevard and surrounded by agricultural land, a dozen seniors from Davis High were busy at work on their float, inside a huge, empty, cylindrical, corrugated metal grain storage bin.  

The farm had no signs, and senior Kaia Diel “wandered around for a while.” 

“I was told to just keep walking and you’ll find it,” Diel said.  

The seniors sat on the floor, with only the light from the opening of the storage bin streaming in to illuminate their workplace.  With large brushes in hand, working in groups or alone, they painted on large cardboard sheets a skyline of buildings in bright colors and featured the Statue of Liberty.  

The senior float theme is action movies.  The seniors plan to erect the four painted cardboard sheets on the four sides of their trailer.  Then, dressed up as superheroes from “The Avengers” and “Endgame,” the seniors will stand in the middle of their float, “screaming and throwing candy, probably,” said senior Sophia Fingerman, one of the leaders of the project.

The builders also plan to use PVC pipes for structural support to prop up the large cardboard skyline. This is their biggest technical challenge.  

“Last year the cardboard started to fall down, which was problematic,” Fingerman said.

Although Fingerman isn’t sure how to overcome this hurdle, she hopes to create a spirited, fun experience.  

“If it’s falling apart at the seams, but people are cheering and having the best time ever, that’s what makes the best float,” Fingerman said.

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