OPINION: Passing period should be longer

PHOTO: Students walk through the quad during passing period.

By Chloe Chedin,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

There’s more to passing period than going from A to B. 

The six minute passing period at Davis High is not enough time for students to go to the bathroom and go to their lockers without being late to their classes. Having a longer passing period will give students more time to do what they have to do before their next class.

Going to the bathroom during passing period is very difficult for most students. Many teachers don’t let students go to the bathroom during class. But during passing period, the bathroom lines get long very quickly, making it impossible to go to the restroom without being late to class. 

“I feel pressured by the constraints [of] time so if I need to to go to the bathroom […] I need to wait until a later time, which is not good for my health,” junior Aedyn Gravely said.

 Students who need to walk across campus for their next class are also pressed for time.

“The campus is so huge with a bunch of people it’s hard to get from one side of the campus to the other in time, especially if you have the misfortune of needing to get something for your locker and it being out of the way,” Gravely said.

The short length of passing period also makes it tricky to talk to a teacher after class.

“It’s difficult to even talk to teachers about anything: whether a heads up about missing class time or asking about an assignment, you can’t do that without needing a pass for your next period,” Gravely said.

Students need longer than a six-minute break between their 50-minute classes. Having a longer passing period allows students to socialize with their friends and it also lets students unwind before their next class. 

Passing period should be longer than six minutes because more time will ultimately benefit the whole student body by easing the pressure of getting to class on time. 

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