REVIEW: Mistress of Evil misses the mark

By James Kobold, Editor–

Picking up the story five years later, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil starts off with a brief summary of the previous film and ushers in a corny transition to its fantasy world.

This, mixed with some forced comedy, makes the start of the movie uncomfortable to watch, but when the action settles in the story line sped up, making the the 118-minute movie fly by. 

The movie focuses on the international relations of two kingdoms, and whether or not Queen Aurora and Prince Philip’s new engagement will bring their lands to peace or plunge them into war.

The large amounts of computer-generated imagery put into this movie make for some beautifully unrealistic scenes, adding to the overall feel and depth of the fantasy world. However, the cross between unrealistic CGI and real people made some scenes feel unsettling.

Furthermore, other than pretty visuals, there isn’t much to compliment this movie on. 

Any attempts at comedy are dry and awkward. Additionally, the action scenes are short and very simple, making the movie feel predictable.

Although cinematography is one of the few high points of the movie, it is family-friendly and probably delivers better for a younger audience.

Overall, if you were a fan of the first movie you’re likely to enjoy the second, but otherwise it’s likely not worth your time. However, if you have a younger sibling you want to take to a movie, this may be the right choice.

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