Students start celebrating Halloween with annual traditions

PHOTO: A battery-run jack-o-lantern produces a vibrant yellow light flashing the colors resembling the holiday

By Emily Chapman, Editor–

As the end of October nears, Davis High students start up their favorite Halloween festivities. During the spooky holiday, high school students in Yolo County participate in corn mazes, pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating. 

Junior Nolan O’Hara gets a kick out of the season by watching Halloween movies.

“I guess [my favorite part about Halloween is] Halloween movies because they’re bad more often than good,” he said. “My favorite bad Halloween movie is the 1986 classic, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.”

O’Hara also enjoys pumpkin carving with his family the week of Halloween. 

Another student at DHS, senior Julia Sepeta, enjoys the spirit behind the holiday. 

“I love Halloween because it really embraces the spirit of spookiness and creativity, particularly in crafting costumes and carving intricate designs on pumpkins,” Sepeta said. 

Sepeta also takes her younger sister trick-or-treating every year to see her reaction. 

“My favorite [part] about trick or treating with my sister is seeing her face light up when she gets all the candies she wanted,” she said. 

 Like Sepeta, senior Bela Acosta spends time with her family to indulge in the season. 

“My sister and I used to carve pumpkins every year when we were younger, but now that we’re older and Halloween is often on a school night, we usually just stay in, watch a scary movie and pass out candy,” Acosta said. 

Another DHS student, junior Roberto Vazquez, likes hanging out with friends, whether they go out to trick-or treat or mosey through pumpkin patches. The junior also attends Halloween parties every year.

“It all started by getting invited to one [party] and then it became a thing almost every year,” Vazquez said. 

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