ALUMNI: Giving back to the community runs in the Roe family

PHOTO: Eric Roe wears a letterman’s jacket in 1990, his senior year at Davis High.

By Makena Fix, Staff–

Davis High’s former student body president, Eric Roe, continues to give back to the community through his business, the Red Door Building Company. 

Eric Roe was born to Nancy and Bill Roe. His father is the general contractor of Tandem Properties, a company that manages many apartments and buildings and helped design Davis’ famous bike path system. In 1987, Bill and Nancy were named Davis Citizens of the Year. 

As a young kid, Roe would work at his dad’s company, Tandem, or his uncle’s company, Pyramid, which inspired him to open his own company when he was older. “I thought I’d like to do that more when I’m an adult,”  Roe said.

During his time at DHS, he played JV and varsity basketball in addition to JV baseball. He was also heavily involved with the school’s student government.

Roe graduated from DHS in 1990 and went on to study political science at UCLA. Although Roe doesn’t use his major in his current career, “it’s not just learning things in the classroom.” 

After graduating from UCLA, Roe decided to return to Davis to start a family and a career. “I loved LA, but not the traffic,” Roe said.

When he moved back home, he started his own construction company, the Red Door Building Company. This private construction company will become a part of Tandem when his father retires. 

If Roe wasn’t a contractor, he’d like to learn to become a pilot. He hopes that one day one of his kids will be interested in joining Tandem, “but [he] will support whatever they decide to do.” 

Roe donates to local businesses and is a part of the Measure M school bond committee to see that local schools are spending their money wisely. 

“It’s important for everybody to support the community,” Roe said.

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