Students bid for senior services at auction event

PHOTO: Seniors Cedric Hughes and Ben Skinner offer the service of an in-class PowerPoint presentation on how amazing their buyer is.

By Liliana Ma, Editor–

Students filed into the Davis High library to attend the annual Rent-a-Senior event. Held by Student Government, seniors offered various services including homework help, food and even an Uber service in order to be auctioned off to their fellow classmates. 

The event was hosted by senior emcees Cate Scheuring and Sydney Moore. As they read out the descriptions of services, seniors walked down the red carpet into the audience. 

The night was filled with candy, interesting dances and high bids for the seniors. The highest bid was made by McKenna Lutzker, who paid $100 for seniors Lily Bryne and Avery Begley to tutor and give her a ride to school.

A crowd favorite pair was seniors Ben Skinner and Cedric Hughes who came down the red carpet shaking audience members’ hands and thanking them for coming to the event. The two were dressed in suits and were offering a PowerPoint on the “awesomeness” of a student of the bidders choice that would be presented in one of the bidder’s classes.

The bidding started at $10 and quickly rose to $60 before a bidder submitted a bid of $75. Determined to win the seniors, junior Keane Deas offered $76 and won.

“It was a great honor to pull in that much money for the senior class. I personally was not expecting over 25 so to get 76 was a real treat,” Hughes said.

The two are happy to have contributed to the effort to raise money for prom.

“We’re super grateful to Keane Deas for bidding that much money on us, so thank you Keane for doing that,” Skinner said.

Another senior Maya Dhond attended the event as a bidder and won another pair of seniors with her friend, Maya Nunes.

“I had a really good time. I thought it was an interesting event and it’s also a really good way to raise money for our Prom,” Dhond said.

After all the bids, close to $400 was made in total. All proceeds of the event are going to the Senior Ball. 

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