ALUMNI: Math teacher welcomes new member to the family

PHOTO: Math teacher and Davis High alumnus, Michael Wright, welcomed a baby to his family at the beginning of the school year.

By Sarah Kim, Staff–

Michael Wright, a math enthusiast since his high school years, recently welcomed a new member to his family. Now when he returns home from his N-05 classroom, he is greeted by his infant daughter. 

Wright first became interested in teaching when he helped his friend with math homework in high school. “It felt pretty cool [helping friends] and I took pride in doing it,” Wright said. 

When he was helping his friend with math problems, it “felt good” when he saw them improve, knowing that he helped them to achieve that ability.

“I liked [teaching] because I felt helpful,” Wright said. Having a talent for teaching and math, he said that “it just clicked” when he decided on his career. 

“I think mathematics is something he has always been good at and loved. It’s in his nature to teach and share,” said Doug Wright, an uncle of Michel Wright and an art teacher at Davis High.

Michael Wright found out he enjoyed working with young people because he liked his coaching experience for Summerdarts, a local swimming program in the summer. “It just all kinda came together,” Wright said. 

His experience at DHS academically and athletically shaped him as a teacher, as his main focus at high school was in academics and sports. He was part of the water polo team in 2010, with his coach being teacher Tracy Stapelton.

“The people that I had as teachers and coaches [at DHS] really preached [working hard and being part of a team] from day one,” Wright said. 

Wright is facing a new chapter in his life, as he became a father at home. His wife gave birth to their first born on Sept. 25. 

“You kind of touch the surface of parenthood when you are a teacher,” Wright said. However, he pointed out that he only taught sixth grade and up, making him new with children and babies. “It’s going to be a whole new challenge,” he said. 

For his daughter, Wright wants to remember the lessons he learned from teaching. He mentioned that when a child makes a mistake he should remember that it’s part of growth, like “how many students make mistakes and fail certain areas of work.” Wright points out that like the students, he wants to help his child improve. 

“I’ll remember that for my own child coming forward,” Wright said. 

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