Family-owned businesses in Yolo County

PHOTO: Puroast coffee, produced by a family-owned business, is roasted in the same way as some coffee producers in Venezuela. The coffee has seven times the amount of antioxidants, giving it a healthier style of coffee.

By Eitan Rosenheim, Staff–

Each day, hundreds of families around the world get up and head to work. Many of them head in different directions, although there are some who move together to their family owned business. 

In 1992, Jim and Kerry Sachs opened up a coffee business called Puroast. Jim is in charge of the factory in Woodland, while Kerry is in charge of the shop in Miami, Florida. 

Junior Georgia Sachs, daughter of Jim, works an eight-hour week for the company. 

“My dad is very flexible with me,” Georgia said. “If I don’t plug in the numbers, he can always find someone else to do it.” 

Although the job can have its benefits at times, owning a family business takes its toll on the Sachs family. 

“It can be very stressful at times for my dad, because it is all on him,” Georgia said. 

Jim hardly ever gets time off because he is in charge of the factory in Woodland.

“He is always working,” Georgia said. “He gets to make his own vacation time, but there is no vacation time for him.”

Puroast coffee is “a healthy alternative” to most coffee brands and is plentiful in the Sachs family’s kitchen. 

“We’re like big coffee fanatics,” Georgia said. “I have a ton of coffee at home. I always have coffee on hand.”

The Sachs family isn’t the only family to start up a local, family-owned business.

Kevin Hein, a Davis High alumnus, and his brother Jeff are owners of the Davis Freewheeler and are in charge of everyday operations. 

The Davis Freewheeler is a bike store that opened in 1975 and still remains in business 44 years later. The store was opened by Frank Hein and grew with the help of his sons.  

Kevin Hein attributes his business’ success to the fact that it is family owned. “There is better service at stores where you come in and the family and the people working there own it,” he said. 

Although working at a family-owned business is different than working in a large corporation, Kevin believes it is good for business. 

“It builds trust in the customer,” Hein said. “Hopefully you get along with them, we all do, so it works out well for us.” 

Another family-owned business in Davis is Brooks Painting. In 1997, Jeremy Brooks opened Brooks Painting, a residential and commercial painting business. 

Junior Zachary Brooks helps out his dad with his projects on occasion. One of his most memorable times working with his dad was on the annual charity community painting project. 

Each year the Davis community chooses a priority painting job, and the Brooks Painting employees contribute the work for free.

“I remember as a little kid, it was super fun to go out and help with the charity paint,” Zachary said. “You’re a little kid and you get to use the spray gun, and it was super cool.”

Although at times the work can be very demanding, Zach has enjoyed the opportunity to work with his dad.

“It was especially cool because you get to be in the community, and you get to be with all these different people,” Zach said.

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