Jesuit beats out Davis men’s basketball in overtime

PHOTO: Senior Joey Voss dribbles to the basket on Wednesday’s game against Jesuit.

By Clara Ault, Staff–

In a heartbreaking conclusion to a nail-biting game, the Davis High Blue Devils lost to the Jesuit Marauders, 81-75 in overtime on Jan. 29 at Davis High. 

The game was a constant back-and-forth, with no team ever gaining a strong lead. Jesuit led by a hair for most of the second half, which ended 35-31, but Davis led for the majority of the third and fourth quarter. 

The game was foul heavy, and despite the Devils’ strides in their offensive game, they couldn’t keep the Marauders’ off the line. Jesuit was in the bonus in the second and fourth quarter. 

After an intense fourth quarter with strong offense and defense showing on both teams, the score was 65 – 65. The game headed to overtime. 

With four minutes on the clock, Jesuit got the tip. Almost immediately, Jesuit’s star point guard, junior Israel Silva, ranked No. 23 in the nation, drove to the basket and scored, as well as drew the foul. He headed to the line but missed, and the student section erupted. The score was 67-65, with Jesuit in the lead. 

Soon after, the Marauders scored again, making the score 69-65. 

Davis had possession, and senior Joey Asta was fouled as he went up to shoot. He made one out of his two free throws. 

Quickly after, junior Isaiah Conlan made a three. The score was tied again, 69-69.

As Davis continued to foul in order to try to keep themselves in the game, Jesuit was sent to the line again and again, giving them easy buckets and the lead. 

With just 10 seconds to go, Asta made a three, closing the six-point gap to 78-75, Jesuit. 

Two timeouts were called, one full and one 30 seconds, as Davis rushed to come up with a plan to get a bucket before the clock ran out. 

It was all for naught, and Davis missed their three-pointer, sending Silva back to the line two more times to make three out of four of his free throws.

The game concluded with a Davis loss, making them 2-4 in league and 13-6 overall.

Senior Joey Voss led the Devils in points, scoring 16 and shooting 50 percent from the field. He was proud of his team and the heart they showed on the court.

“I think the team played great. I’m happy with everybody. If you play really hard and you give everything you have you can’t really be mad about a game,” Voss said. 

Junior Nathan Lee, recently pulled up to the varsity squad, is looking forward to continuing to work hard for the rest of the season.

“We gotta come out, we gotta compete. Season isn’t over. We just gotta do better,” Lee said. 

Davis plays their seventh league game on Friday, Jan. 31 against Cosumnes Oaks at 7:30 p.m. for Break the Record Night.

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