REVIEW: Unique and exciting, “Birds of Prey” does not disappoint

By Sarah Griffiths, Staff–

We all fell in love with Harley Quinn in 2016’s “Suicide Squad.” With her colorful pigtails, baseball bat and chaotic energy, it is hard not to root for her. The follow-up movie, “Birds of Prey,” continues Harley’s allure as it takes us through her next stage of life.

The movie starts as a break up movie, with Harley and Joker ending their abusive relationship. We see Harley move through her tears to look for a fresh start without her green haired partner.

However, cutting ties with Joker makes her a target of evildoers like egotistical crime boss Black Mask, and Victor Zsasz, a serial killer who carves a tally mark in his skin for every victim.

With her life in danger, Harley becomes unexpected allies with four deadly women.

The Huntress is a purple wearing, crossbow wielding vigilante, who knows how to use any weapon. She’s a mysterious yet neurotic assassin who’s out for vengeance.

If strength and sultriness were to be a person, it would be embodied by the Black Canary. Dressed head to toe in black leather, fishnets, and more weapons than you can name, you definitely do not want to get on her bad side.

Along with rogue cop Renee Montoya and pick-pocketer Cassandra Cain, these women make up the ultimate girl gang. Even though Harley would rather be committing crime than fighting it, she’ll make an exception for her new friends.

She is more than just “Joker’s ex-girlfriend.” In this movie, we see Harley’s vulnerable yet unhinged, childlike personality as she fights alongside powerful women. On the surface, “Birds of Prey” is an explosive action movie, but it is mixed with a bond of sisterhood.

The Verge named it, “DC’s first good action movie.”

There are beautifully choreographed action sequences where chemical factories are reduced to clouds of rainbow smoke, shotgun blasts of glitter rain on police men and roller skates are used as weapons. The movie’s biggest brawl is a big game of keep-away on a merry-go-round.

The wardrobe is colorful and wacky, and every scene adds meaning to the plot. The characters are developed well with multiple backstories and the energy is always high. It is a loud, gleeful mess that somehow makes total sense.

I especially enjoyed the narrations by Harley that are told in her perspective, making the movie bounce around as she pieces the parts of the story together.

Overall, “Birds of Prey” is a fresh approach to the usual superhero movie that succeeds.

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