How to celebrate Valentine’s Day without a significant other

PHOTO: Students can write cards to loved ones, whether that be a significant other, or family and friends.

By Allyson Kang, Editor–

As Valentine’s Day approaches, couples wrap up chocolates, find tickets for a romantic movie and arrange flowers in preparation for the day dedicated to romance. Everything, from the rampant couple-targeted advertising to the gossip flowing around school, can make the holiday seem like a time to celebrate only those with a significant other.

However, according to the Pew Research Center as of 2015, only 19 percent of teenagers are currently in an amorous relationship. 

The majority of teenagers are single. For many Davis High students, Valentine’s Day is simply not a holiday they celebrate.

This year, though, instead of excluding yourself from the day focused on romance, join in on the fun. Here are a few ideas on how single students can participate on Valentine’s Day. 

Meet with loved ones 

“Spend time with your family […] or hang out with your friends,” junior Vivian Lee said. 

Valentine’s Day should be a day for loved ones, plural, not just one significant other. Meet with family members or friends that you enjoy talking to. In Davis, you can go bowling or eat out downtown. 

The day can be enjoyed without spending money too. Think about cooking a nice meal, taking a walk around the UC Davis arboretum or watching a movie at home. 

What is important is to remember to dedicate time for the people in your life. 

“I personally feel that Valentine’s Day is a good way for people to express that they care about their classmates and friends,” junior Elise Kang said.

Take yourself out on a date

Not only should you dedicate time to other people, it is especially important to dedicate time to yourself. This Valentine’s Day, try to practice self-care. 

According to Raphailia Michael of PsychCentral, self-care is “something we very often overlook. Good self-care is key […] to a good relationship with oneself and others.” 

Michael believes self-care is not being selfish, but helping ourselves get to a position where we can help others. Whether that be relaxing with a face mask, meditating or eating a healthy meal, spend Valentine’s Day loving yourself. 

Social media influencers have emphasized the importance of self-care through a variety of promotions, like having a spa day at home or reserving time to reflect alone.

It is also completely acceptable to celebrate Valentine’s Day outside by yourself. In a popular youtube video, “bestdressed” took herself on a date to show her viewers that the stigma around being single or alone should not stop people from treating themselves in public.

Carry on

However, the pressure of ads does not need to translate to indulgent purchases or meetings. You can also continue the day without celebrating.

“I actually don’t do anything for Valentine’s Day,” Kang said. “There [are] too many people to pass out valentines and I feel bad.” 

Remember not to pursue relationships simply for the sake of being in one. While the surge of Valentine’s Day films and products may pressure you into searching for a significant other, you should only commit to dating someone because you enjoy being with them.

“It is really important to make sure you’re in a healthy relationship. If you’re not in a relationship, however, it’s definitely not something to worry about,” Lee said.

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