Environmentalists engages in efforts to reduce waste

By Saebean Yi,

BlueDevilHUB.com Editor–

On Thursday during lunch, the environmental club and community members hosted a presentation at the quad about ways to protect our environment.

Tables were set up like booths: decorated with colorful posters, art made from reused goods and fun little activities.

“This is the very first time we are doing this sort of thing, and we thought it just be a way to reach out and spread awareness to the public,” said Yuliya Pankova, the Inclusion teacher at Davis High, who was the staff member in charge of coordinating this.

However, even though she was in charge, she gives most of the credit to the environmental club, saying that they were the “real people behind it.”

“I’m basically presenting ways people can make small and medium changes in their lives to boost their environmental impact,” said Laila Golde, a junior and a member of the club.

At this booth, students can write one commitment that they will do to help the environment, and later, the club will deliver the paper back to them, to see if they have followed through. Students who kept their commitment will get a prize.

Other booths by the club include topics regarding hazardous waste, the three “R’s” and the different types of bulbs and their impact on the environment.

Additionally, there were also booths selling decorations made from reused wood and plastic.

Larry Brumer, a community member, takes leftover wine bottles, acrylic, scrap wood and other materials and laser engraves them, and makes items such as earrings and clocks.

“It’s just something that’s fun and better than just throwing these scrap materials away,” Brumer said. He also sells his creations on Etsy, at ClassiCarve.

Even though this was just the first time, Pankova believes there will be more events like this in the future.

“We tend to only hear about the negative things about the environment at DHS, how there’s trash everywhere, but nothing’s being done about it,” Pankova said. “Hopefully, this is a more positive way to reach out to the community.”

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