Davis High students cut hair at home

PHOTO: Due to the closure of hair salons and barbershops, many Davis High students have started to turn to other options to keep their hair in order.

By Caroline Chilcott,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Barbershops and hair salons are not on the list of essential businesses allowed to remain open during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, or at least not yet. As a result, many Davis High students have turned to siblings, parents and other relatives for assistance with cutting their hair. 

Hailey Ridgway, a sophomore at DHS, normally gets her hair cut at Great Clips. This time, her dad took over the hairdresser’s role. 

“I just wanted to get a trim because my hair was starting to get long. My dad grabbed some of his hair clippers and then he trimmed up the sides of my head. I did nothing to prepare,” Ridgway said. 

Overall, Ridgway was pleased with the results. “At first, I was a little hesitant because I didn’t know how good he was at cutting hair, but then after I was done, I saw that the results were pretty good,” Ridgway said.

DHS senior Kaia Diel usually gets her hair cut at Pomegranate Salon in Downtown Davis. During shelter-in-place, her mom helped her cut it. Diel, who was planning on going to the salon after graduation, decided to cut her hair sooner so it could grow out before college if it looked bad. 

“I really didn’t prepare for my haircut. I was about to take a shower and thought it was a good time to do it. I put my hair into three ponytails and cut about 14 inches off. Then my mom evened out what was left,” Diel said. 

Diel was satisfied with her haircut, although it ended up being a little shorter than planned.

“If you do cut your hair, make sure to tie it off much lower than you want the final cut to be. Otherwise, you might be surprised by the results,” Diel said.

Instead of getting her hair cut at The Style Lounge, junior Kristine Schmitz’s mom cut her hair. It had been a couple months since Schmitz had last cut her hair, and it was getting hard to manage. 

“We had some hair cutting scissors from about 10 years ago. We got a stool, some water and a towel, and my mom went for it,” Schmitz said. 

Schmitz likes how her hair turned out and would definitely recommend others try it. “It was a lot of fun to do as a family, and since we don’t have school, you don’t have to worry [about how it looks] as much,” Schmitz said. 

Junior Dante Romero’s little sister cut his hair. “My little sister has always been obsessed with cutting hair, so she looked up the different types of guards and how much hair they cut off,” Romero said. 

“For an at home haircut, it didn’t look terrible. Sure, she missed a couple of spots, but for being inexperienced with haircuts, she did a pretty good job. If my hair gets really bad again, I wouldn’t mind letting her cut it,” Romero added. 

Overall, these DHS students were pretty happy with how their haircuts turned out. Junior Caelan Rairdan, whose mom helped cut her hair, was really excited about how it looked. “I would say go for it! If you don’t like it, don’t stress because hair grows back,” Rairdan said. 

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