Closing the gap: Student Government works to connect students during distance learning

PHOTO: Student government’s classroom sits empty as they work to connect with students virtually.

By Saul Israel, Editor–

In recent weeks, Student Government has been working on events to connect Davis High students while classes operate online. With their usual in person events canceled, Student Government is brainstorming new events which will occur virtually or socially distant. 

“With online classes our biggest goal is to keep the school as connected through online events,” ASB Vice President Eli Yasui said. 

Several of these online events include game nights, online rallies and a school wide Minecraft server. One of the specific events planned is the spirit week starting on Sept. 8. This week, students dress up for their classes following the theme of the day which include sports day, wacky sunglasses day and blue out. One of the people working on these virtual events is Senior Class Vice President Nolan O’Hara. 

“Incoming sophomores are going to come to the high school and not know who Student Government is or what we do, so connecting with them is a priority,” O’Hara said. 

Student Government would also like to use student club connections as a way to create community. In an effort to increase student participation in clubs, Student Government is working on a clubs website where students would be able to find existing clubs, know how to start a club and get connected with club members. Student Government is also working hard to make sure seniors still get to experience their senior year. 

“We have senior T-shirts in the works, and hopefully we can have some type of drive-by parade similar to last year’s graduation for homecoming,” O’Hara said. 

Senior Avital Schwarz, the leader of the physical events committee, is still unsure whether any of their in person events will be able to take place, so virtual events will have to do for now. 

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