Yearbook adapts and advances

PHOTO: This year’s unreleased Davis High yearbook might look a little different.

By Lizzy Meyer, Staff–

This year has brought many changes to Davis High which means the 2020-21 School Yearbook class must adapt their ways of capturing pictures, organizing spreads and filling the yearbook with memories of the school year.

“We aren’t able to take any pictures ourselves,” class member and senior Olivia Price said. Instead, the yearbook staff will obtain its photos from students through Instagram or by the Yearbook Snap app. Students can use the app by downloading it, using the access code BlueDevils, and then uploading photos. Yearbook is also using Instagram polls and Advisory surveys to find people to interview about quarantine jobs or hobbies.

This year’s yearbook will be in chronological order instead of topic order where all sports, interviews, clubs and other subjects are together. Although school is fully online right now, a hybrid learning environment or a socially distant in person schedule is possible in the future. In that case, the yearbook staff’s work would continue where they left off in order to show the changes being made during the year.

“As [school changes], we will be changing what we are doing and how we are doing it,” class member and junior Anna Hoeft said. 

The yearbook itself will be about 30 pages shorter; however, it’s price will be the same. The decrease in pages is due to the fact that many parts of the yearbook in past years won’t be able to be included. This includes club photos and pages, along with the many canceled dances, sports games and other events.

This year the yearbook staff won’t be in charge of making senior ads, which will be designed by parents. “That will save so much time,” Hoeft said. 

Senior ads are due by Dec. 18 and will be able to bring a familiar section of the yearbook to an unfamiliar year. 

Yearbooks are available for purchase on the Walsworth website. Yearbooks cost $85 until Dec. 31 and can be bought for $95 after Jan. 17. Limited leftover yearbooks will be available for $110 in May.

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