Pre Med Club guides students into the medical field

By Anthony Corbett, Staff–

At Davis High School’s Pre Med Club, students can learn about different careers in the medical field. The club offers insight and information about what the medical field is like and how one can get there.

 In order to enhance the information being presented, the club will bring in a guest speaker each month who is involved in the medical field. 

“We usually have guest speakers come in every meeting with different specialties and inform us what a day in their life looks like. From their daily routine, to their journey through med school, and why and how they chose their speciality,” said senior Kayla Chan, public relations club officer. “We’ve had all sorts of guest speakers come in from different medical field backgrounds.” 

“When we meet, we talk about the different medical fields and positions there are and what each one is like,” said senior Jillian Geist, public relations officer and head of advertising for the club. 

The club meets every other Tuesday, and has a guest speaker on the first Tuesday of every month. The club is open to all students who are interested, and is easily accessible. “There are no requirements and everyone is welcome. They can follow our Instagram [@dhpremed…], or join our text reminder [@dhspm] to stay informed about upcoming events and announcements,” Geist said.

For students looking to join the medical field in the future, pre med club gives the opportunities to get a first hand look on what their potential job could look like. “What makes pre med club appealing to a lot of students is it’s an easy way to learn more about potential medical field careers. Others can get involved just by joining the club,” Geist said. 

“It’s an awesome way for students to find out if the medical field is something they really want to pursue in the future,” Chan said.

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