STAFF PROFILE: Langberg’s journey with chemistry — the scientific and the romantic

PHOTO: Chemistry teacher Jonathan Langberg had to take time to learn new skills for distance learning, while also planning his wedding with his fiancé, Cecilia Guevara.

By Leyla Bolkan, Staff-

Jonathan Langberg, second-year Davis High chemistry teacher, has had to adjust to distance learning early in his DHS career in addition to delaying his wedding.  

Langberg, 37, grew up in Moraga in the East Bay. He went to UC San Diego and got his undergraduate degree. While he was there he worked as a lab tech research associate. He later got his teaching credentials at UC Davis.

Langberg’s first teaching job was at UC San Francisco. He worked there for three years teaching high school and college students how to use a lab.

Three years ago he met his fiancé, Cecilia Guevara, while teaching at UCSF. The couple met on an online dating site, and she was living in Sacramento at the time. 

“We fell in love pretty quickly and did the long-distance-relationship thing for a year,” Langberg said.

After dating for a year he decided to move up to Sacramento to be closer to her. He received a job at DHS teaching chemistry and got engaged.

When COVID-19 hit, he had to teach the last few months of school last year through distance learning and has to continue this fall. Transitioning to online school has been hard for Langberg. “There is no one to talk to and you don’t really know what is going to happen,” Langberg said.

It has not only affected his teaching but has also affected his personal life. Langberg was supposed to get married a while ago, but he and his fiancé had to postpone the wedding for another year.

“I was really disappointed at first because we had spent a lot of time planning the wedding before COVID,” Guevara said. 

The couple’s quarantine consisted of planning for the wedding and trying to start a life together. “We have been doing our best to get through this and buy a house together and start a family,” Langberg said.

“Now I’m grateful to have much more time to plan our wedding, even if it means having to wait a little longer to marry my best friend,” Guevara said.

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