STAFF PROFILE: Kevin Butt starts teaching at Davis High

PHOTO: Kevin Butt leads a class as a student teacher at Holmes Junior High.

By Jihan Moon, Staff–

New teacher Kevin Butt started as a government and politics teacher this semester at Davis High following the retirement of Peter Riley.

Butt has found that starting mid-year hasn’t been a major issue for him. 

Since the class he teaches, US Government & Politics, is a semester long class, Butt didn’t have to start part way through the material. Also, as a class for seniors, he noticed that students already had a rapport because they have known each other for so long. “I’ve definitely seen the struggles […] with brand new eighth graders or ninth graders who are unfamiliar with each other,” Butt said.

Online learning hasn’t been a problem for him at DHS due to “everyone [being] kind of used to the new norm [of online learning],” Butt said.

Previously, he was a student teacher and taught summer school at Holmes Junior High after and during his term studying at UC Davis.

Butt surprises people with the fact that he never has been teased, either lightheartedly or cruelly, for his last name. “At least to my face,” Butt said. “No one ever had an issue.”

He wants to tell his students that, “If we can make it through 2020, we can make it through anything,” Butt said.

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