Season for A.P. sign ups returns

By Nicolette Gmoser-Daskalakis
HUB Staff

The sound of the lunch bell rings across campus and several students walk quickly towards the office. Within the first two minutes of lunch a line has already formed and almost reaches the door.  This is the first day of A.P. exam sign ups.

Students can sign up for A.P. exams in the large conference room any day at lunch this week. Megan Lewis, Coordinator of Testing Programs, said she recommends students come as early as possible.

“We’re expecting quite a few more people tomorrow and a rush on Friday,” Lewis said.

Junior Erin Savoia made an effort to sign up for the A.P. Biology and A.P. U.S. History exam on the first day. “I didn’t want to wait in line,” Savoia said.

Savoia took the A.P. Spanish exam last year and said that the $89 fee was well worth it.

Many colleges reward students, like Savoia, who score highly on AP tests with college credit. According to Lewis, in addition to receiving college credit, A.P. exams are also a good way for students to improve their test taking skills.

Additional information on A.P. exams is available at

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