Davis defeats Elk Grove 4-0

By Charles Wagoner,
HUB Correspondent–


Women’s varsity soccer senior forward Anna Maria Lee Gilbertson shoots and the ball is hit out by the Elk Grove Goalkeeper. A corner kick is taken by senior Olivia Muller, who drops it to senior Sarah Chase. Chase blasts the ball into the net, setting the score at DHS four, Elk grove zero with 20 minutes left in the game.


The game, which was the varsity women’s soccer’s penultimate match, did much to secure their position in sectionals, according to the varsity coach, Sarah Stone.


The Elk Grove women’s varsity soccer team was contending with DHS for second place in the section, and had a fairly similar record throughout their season.


Despite this, Stone was fairly confident about the chances of her team to win and have a good position for their last non section match against Franklin.


Franklin’s women’s varsity soccer team currently holds the first place title in the Sacramento-San Joaquin section, and has already beaten the DHS women’s team seven to three earlier in the season.


However, both Stone and Chase are hopeful about their chances against Franklin, with Stone Saying that they “wanted to continue on their momentum from this game” and Chase saying that “if we play like we did we would have a good chance against them [Franklin]”.


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