Men’s soccer game starts fast but ends in 2-2 tie

Sophomore Alex McIntyre drives towards the goal line during the Sept. 17 varsity men’s soccer game against Dixon High. The game ended in a 2-2 tie.
 By Chris Garrison
HUB Staff Writer–

September 17th’s varsity men’s soccer game against the Dixon High Rams started out hot, with two goals scored within the first five minutes. The intensity quickly fizzled out, however, leading to a 40 minute stalemate marked by multiple fouls and a constant back-and-forth with the ball. The game ended in a two-two tie.

The first half began with an explosion of activity. The Devils took the ball at the start and drove to the goal where sophomore David Villegas scored the first goal of the game, barely five minutes in. Dixon quickly caught up, scoring a goal less than five minutes later. A brutal tug-of-war over the ball ensued, and the half ended with a score of one to one.

The second half started slow but quickly picked up. Junior Jacob Rutheiser scored a goal early on, giving Davis one point lead over Dixon. Senior Lee Leverrier got the first yellow card of the game for holding after the play. Senior Kian Baghieri took a ball to the stomach at the 18-yard line and was called for a hand ball. TheDavis keeper, junior Jesus Gutierrez managed a clutch saves towards the middle of the half. In the last ten minutes of the game, a wayward kick managed to bounce off of junior Alexander Nelson’s back into Davis’ goal, tieing the score that would carry to the end of the game.

Daviscoach Alex Park was not deterred or disappointed, instead seeing the game as a learning experience and a good window into his team’s strengths.

“Throughout the game I think we saw glimpses of greatness,” Park said, “Now we just need to hold those glimpses out for the whole game,” Park said.









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