A narrow loss for Davis

By Krystal Lau,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

The Davis High varsity men’s baseball team was defeated 6-4 to Elk Grove on May 6. Despite the close ending and resulting defeat, strong play, team unity and solid pitches were all present at the game.

Beginning with a promising start, DHS held a score of 2-0 and stayed in the lead up until the fifth inning. Speedy and skillful pitches by senior Matt Trask caused setbacks and strikes for the Elk Grove team while enormous hits by sophomore Ryan Kreidler boosted the team’s morale. The two teams seemed to be evenly matched, and after a strong head start from DHS, the game soon turned into a stalemate as neither side advanced.

Both highly ranked teams, Elk Grove and DHS played against each other last year, which resulted in a DHS victory. As a league game, this match will determine where each team is seeded for playoffs. Due to both schools’ talents, both teams may win in the league, despite the recent loss for the Blue Devils.

Coach Jeff Woodard believes the team played its best, and that it was overall a satisfactory performance.

“We’re playing very well right now,” Woodard said.

The significance of this game was not lost on any of the team members, and fans affirmed that all the players were at the top of their game.

Woodard confirms the importance of the match.

“It’s a league game, so if we advance we’ll go to the playoffs,” Woodard said.

However, during the seventh inning, Elk Grove tied up the scores near the end of the inning. Tensions ran high among the bleachers and in the pit as the game went into extra innings. Both teams exhibited skill as DHS came up to bat. Nevertheless in the eighth inning Elk Grove scored four runs while DHS scored only two. The resulting number was a DHS loss of 6-4.

Although it was a disappointing and close loss, DHS still possesses a chance to redeem themselves. The team will play Elk Grove on May 7. If that game ends in a victory, DHS still holds a chance of winning the league.

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