OPED: Ferguson decision a testimony to judicial principles

Protests at Ferguson on August 14. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
Protests at Ferguson on August 14. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
By Cliff Djajapranata,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

A grand jury in Ferguson, Mo. has decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown.

Before I go further, I acknowledge the problems of race in this country and the police’s often excessive use of force. I also concede that the shooting MAY have been a result of race.

However, it must be understood that race cannot come to define this case as the mainstream media has already done. An altercation between a white police officer and a black male does not automatically warrant the race card being pulled.

As for the grand jury’s decision, I am relieved that sensationalism did not overcome the jury in its ruling

We live in a country where it is a commonly held belief that it is better to save a guilty man than condemn an innocent one.

The truth is that we cannot know for certain what happened on Aug. 9 when Wilson killed Brown.

Conflicting witness testimonies seem to support both Brown and Wilson. According to a Washington Post article, Brown’s county autopsy report suggests that Brown may not have had his hands up when he was shot.

The protesters in support of Brown want justice. The justice system has ruled. Is justice simply what a majority wants? If a grand jury indicted Wilson and was influenced by the demonstrators’ high emotions that have only been perverted by the media, then that is not justice— that is mob rule.

I will again concede that the grand jury may itself be racially biased. Out of 12 jurors, nine of them are white, and three are black. However, according to the Associated Press, jurors were randomly selected to serve a four-month term. This jury was not specifically selected for this case, so no jury tampering could have taken place.

Brown’s parents have called for peace. We should honor their wishes and let this tragedy be set aside.

In the meantime, thorough investigations should be conducted on racial relations and the judicial system in this country, and all the necessary steps must be taken to prevent a tragedy like this from ever happen again.

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