DHS hosts debate tournament

Infographic by Kellen Browning

By Cassie Archer,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Davis High played host to several high schools in a debate tournament on Saturday, Dec. 13. Many DHS Speech and Debate Team members competed in the tournament, and others who did not compete were able to help host by working at the snack bar or helping people find classrooms on campus.

This tournament was the first time sophomores Ivy Zhou and Allegra Starr had competed in debate. Their event, Public Forum, had combined novice and varsity competitors.

Zhou and Starr agreed that although this made them nervous, it was a good experience.

Starr felt confident about their first round. “I feel like we were about the same level as [our opponents],” she said.

“It definitely gives me an insight on debate,” Zhou said.

Senior Sachin Kumar participated in Parliamentary debate (similar to a policy debate), and said that it was interesting to compete in classrooms that he had classes in.

“I think overall we did a really good job of organizing,” Kumar said, noting that everything seemed to run smoothly and on time.

Both junior Varun Kota, who placed fourth in the Congress debate, and senior Linda Li, the first presiding officer for the mock Congress created during the debate, received recognition for their prowess.

Sophomores Benton Harshaw and Benjamin Hoffner-Brodsky both went 3-1 in novice Lincoln-Douglas debate rounds, while sophomore David Yu and junior Matt Corey were 3-1 for varsity Lincoln-Douglas.

The teams of junior Josh Gieschen and senior Martha Fiehn, seniors Liam Neville and Isaiah West and sophomores Brendon Carsel and Sofia Castiglioni all went 3-1 in Parlimentary debate.

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