DHS sweats for sale in finance office

Infographic by Bryce Kroencke
Infographic by Bryce Kroencke
By Rowan Hart,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Davis High sweats are now available for purchase in the finance office at lunchtime. Hoodies, sweat pants and crew necks, all perfect for sporting events, gifts and casual events, can now be purchased by everyone.

According to finance office worker Cheryl Ozga, it is the first time sweats are being sold in the finance office. Previously students could purchase the sweats through the Physical Education department, but students who didn’t take P.E. did not have access to them.

“Now it’s easy for ILS [students], seniors and other students to buy the sweats,” Ozga said.

Hoodies and crew necks both come in royal blue, gray and navy. Crew necks are $15 and hoodies are $20. Sweatpants are available for $15, and only come in royal blue.

The finance office is like a department store. Sweatshirts, crew necks and sweatpants are stacked high to the ceiling, royal blue everywhere.

Although the sweats were moved to the finance office, business has stayed the same. “The sales have been pretty good this year; not much different from the past,” Ozga said.

Sophomore Kylie Thompson got a navy DHS sweatshirt for Christmas. “ […] The sweatshirt was sweet, really nice and soft,” she said.

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