Football team ready for 2015 season

By Ben Easton & Nathan Koh, Staff–

The preseason for Davis High Football started last November, when last year’s season ended, and has never stopped.

Athletes and coaches work hard in practices before and after school. Weightlifting and conditioning starts before school at 6:30 four days a week. After school, athletes and coaches work on plays and technique as well as more conditioning.

It’s all for a common goal: to prepare for the upcoming season.

“It’s very important for us to have an intense preseason so that we can prepare ourselves for the tough season that awaits us,” junior quarterback John Lagattuta said. “We play some of the best football programs in Northern California.”

New and returning players go through plays at after school practices to become familiar with the offensive and defensive systems.

“The preseason is when we mostly learn the offensive and defensive playbook so it’s important to be at practice [during the preseason],” Lagattuta said.

Conditioning is another goal. All other Delta League football teams are putting in work during the off-season so it is critical that the team stays in shape.

“If we don’t work hard now there’ll be consequences later,” junior lineman Nick Amoha said.

Most of the players enjoy working out. Senior running back Cole Morse enjoys staying in shape because “it makes me feel healthy and will benefit me when the season officially starts.”

Players and coaches also hope to improve camaraderie. “A lot of team chemistry is created in the preseason,” head coach John Wiley said. “Wins will come if we can do that.”

Players agree. Amoha says that strengthening team bonds is one of the main goals of the team.

“When you sweat and work hard together you start to become friends. Our team doesn’t argue like some other teams. We’re pretty tight and we’re all friends,” he said.


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