HOMECOMING: Junior class enjoys float building

DHS juniors build parts of their float at Goodyear in Davis during Homecoming week.
DHS juniors build parts of their float at Goodyear in Davis during Homecoming week.

By Cece Cannata,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Continuing the Homecoming float-building tradition, Davis High juniors began their meetings a few weeks ago, on Sept. 23. Juniors met during two lunchtime meetings, and from four to eight in the evening during Homecoming week at Goodyear in Davis.

Goodyear has been a supporter of DHS float building in past years. Junior and member of Student Government Sabreen Rashmawi helped coordinate with Goodyear. Her brother, now an alumnus of DHS, had built there in the past.

Junior Class President Arzoo Manandhar and Vice President Anika Kingsley were in charge of organizing the junior float building process; they led brainstorming, made sure everyone had supplies and kept everything running smoothly.

At the first lunchtime meeting, Manandhar and Kingsley had a vision of a rock band on the trailer. “Like a mobile concert,” Kingsley explained.

Others who attended the meeting chimed in ideas about decorations and ways to represent rock, the junior class Homecoming theme.

However, their plan didn’t proceed as expected because of the lack of guitarists, so they plan to have a drum battle instead.

“It’s fun if something ambitious falls through, [because] they have to adapt,” Student Government adviser Anthony Vasquez said.

Manandhar and Kingsley were leaders in last years sophomore float building as well, which has taught them useful tips, such as to be more realistic and to plan more.

“We definitely learned to get a bigger trailer this year, it’s like four times bigger,” Kingsley said.

The vibe at the meetings was relaxed, and everyone was having fun. “It’s a great way to get everyone to bond together,” Manandhar said.

For Kingsley, Homecoming week is a significant part of her time at DHS.

“I don’t like just sitting back and watching things happens,” she said. “You can watch the float go by, or be on it, and in the parade.”

This is Vasquez’s first year as Student Government adviser. As for the floats, he does quite little because the students take the lead.

“I just get to hang out,” he said. “I like the cool, creative ideas they come up with […] some wildly elaborate things.”

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