ALUMNI: Josh Reese

DHS alumnus Josh Reese coaches varsity football and basketball, and owns his own gym, Performance 22. (Courtesy photo: J. Reese)

By Stephanie Chang, Staff–

Davis High alumnus Josh Reese started his athletic career playing football in his early childhood and continued through his high school and college years. Now, he has finally achieved his athletic dream: opening a gym.

Reese runs a gym called Performance 22 (also known as P22) in downtown Davis that offers cross training and boot camp classes for anyone interested in becoming faster and stronger.

The number 22 refers to the number Reese wore throughout football through Pop Warner, DHS and UC Davis. As for “performance,” it’s what Reese says is required to be successful.

“If there isn’t any work or commitment to work your craft or better yourself, how can one expect to perform when their time comes?” said Reese, who graduated in 2007.

DHS provided Reese with an opportunity to play and expose his talents in football, leading to a much-needed scholarship that brought him to where he is today.

After college, he continued his athletic career and opened P22 because he enjoys coaching and helping athletes who need an extra push to better themselves.

“I never feel like I am actually ‘working,’ ” he said. “I’ve always liked to maintain a healthy lifestyle, be active and be able to still call myself somewhat of an

Other than the gym, Reese coaches varsity football and varsity basketball at DHS and continues to play intramural leagues in flag football, basketball and softball.

DHS volleyball coach and PE teacher Julie Crawford trains at P22 five to six times a week, and her volleyball team trains there over the summer.

“[Reese] has influenced my overall passion for fitness not only for myself, but for my PE students and volleyball players at DHS as well,” Crawford said. “I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to learn from him, not only increasing my personal fitness level, but more so, my overall well-being and quality of life.”

Reese gives DHS athletes this advice: “Take pride in being a Blue Devil. The sacrifices that you will make will show how much you truly care. Never let someone else outwork you.”

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