Freshmen meet the rigor of varsity athletics

Freshman Emily Blackwell plays goalkeeper for the women's varsity water polo team.
Freshman Emily Blackwell plays goalkeeper for the women’s varsity water polo team (Photo: A. Manzanilla).

By Zach Bergevin, Staff–

Some elite freshmen athletes compete at the varsity level at Davis High; the more advanced teams often bring many challenges that the young athletes must overcome, including friend groups, time management and transportation from the junior highs.

“It is crucial not to lose sight of the importance of academics,” said freshman Avery Warhover, who played on the women’s varsity water polo team. “Practices and away games are a huge time commitment, and school work has to fit in somewhere.”

Warhover had to work extra hard in school to accommodate the time lost rushing to practice each day and leaving Davis for away games. She was initially tentative around upperclassmen, but discovered that her teammates were friendly and created relationships with them almost immediately.

“I felt welcomed and encouraged by both my teammates and my coaches,” Warhover said. “Throughout the season, the whole team encouraged and looked out for each other, and built strong friendships.”

Sophomore Brooke Rubinstein was a freshman on the women’s varsity soccer team last year. Rubinstein says that to succeed as an underclassman, hard work is a necessity.

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