Cameron Wright shares his love for water polo

By Choyang Ponsar, Staff–

Senior Cameron Wright’s love for water polo began at at young age– he has been playing water polo since he was in first grade. The game runs in his family. His father is the UC Davis women’s water polo coach, and his older sister and brother played water polo as well.

Wright is an attacker, and he intimidates the opposing team’s defenders. His best quality is his fast speed, which he uses to work with his teammates to gain possession of the ball.

But even with Wright’s evident passion for the sport, certain aspects of water polo still exasperate him even after years of playing it.

“The rules can be interpreted pretty arbitrarily so the game-to-game calls can vary based on who your referee is. A definite skill in water polo is to be able to adapt to how a game is being called and so it can be frustrating when things aren’t being called the way you think they should be,” Wright said.

But Wright still admits that no other sports he has tried out have had the same appeal as water polo. Although he tried out baseball when he was younger, he found himself focusing his attention back to water polo.

“I think that the fact that like my whole family plays it definitely has been an influence. I just really love the sport,” Wright said.

Wright began playing on the high school water polo varsity team as a freshman. At first, he worried that this high athletic demand would distract from his school work, but Wright decided that he could balance both.

“When I was in 9th grade I made Varsity and I was like ‘hey I mean I could play at a high school level and like excel’ so I kept playing because I never really thought about stopping,” Wright said.

Aside from high school involvement, Wright was also in the lineup for the 2015-2016 NISCA/Speedo Boys Water Polo All-American, a list of the top 10 high school water polo players in the country. Wright plans to attend a four-year university and play Division I Water Polo in college.

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