ELECTION: Student Government encourages voting with mock election

By Annabelle Zhou,
BlueDevilHUB.com Editor–

A mock election will be held to mimic the real election on Tuesday, Nov. 8 in the Davis High Quad at lunch.

The mock election will give students who are too young to vote in the real election an opportunity to experience the process and understand the importance of civic engagement.

“This is significant for students who can’t vote for real because it gives them the ability to feel involved and encourages them to stay informed,” said senior Sabreen Rashmawi, head of the civic engagement committee.

“It encourages students to become informed and involved because they can vote and make their opinion heard,” Rashmawi said.

The ballot will be identical to the real ballot,  and will include the presidential candidates, state assembly members, other representatives running for office and Measure H.

“I hope everyone can go out and vote. I am so excited for this event, I have been looking forward to holding an event like this since the last general election. I have always been super passionate about staying informed and involved about what’s going on in our world and I’m super excited to share some of that with the school,” Rashmawi said.

Results will be released Tuesday night and can be found here in an updated article. Select results will be announced in the PA announcements as well.

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