Academic Decathalon holds successful Trivia Night

Students bid on one of the items available for the silent auction.

By Bernardo Verdiguel, Staff–

This year’s annual Academic Decathalon Trivia Night fundraiser was held on Friday, May 26 in the Davis High library. Students and parents came out to participate and help fund the team’s ventures for the next year.

Trivia Night is an important source of revenue for the club.

“We had a lot of teams do well this year. [We use Trivia Night] to fundraise for future club members and future competitions,” said sophomore and Academic Decathalon member Aakash Mishra.

This year’s Trivia Night had a plethora of different types of questions. Topics varied from history and World War II, all the way to pop culture and Beyoncé.

Winners of the night got to choose from different combinations of gift cards as their prize. First place could choose any combination that would add up to $100 worth of gift cards, second place would have access to $75 worth and third place would win $50 worth of gift cards.

The rules for Trivia Night were simple. iPhones were not allowed under any circumstances as each team had to place their phones on the table within sight of a proctor.

Each team had 30 seconds to answer each question. Players were allowed to begin answering before the MC was done asking the question.

Finally, players had to write their answers legibly, and discuss the answers quietly.

Mishra participated as a proctor.

“It’s an easy job. You just have to make sure no one’s messing around, no one’s cheating,” Mishra said.

Students came out for a variety of reasons. Some came out for a fun night and others came out for academic reasons.

“One reason [I came out] is my English teacher’s offering extra credit. Also I wanted to try something new,” junior Ishaan Goud said.

Other students, such as junior Chelsea Ji, participated simply to have a good time.

“A friend told me about it. I wasn’t terribly busy, and I needed a break,” Ji said.

Besides Trivia Night, students and parents could also participate in a silent auction. A long row of tables was set up in the back of the library. These tables were lined with different books and trinkets that students could bid on on paper.

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