Students and siblings join the military after high school

By Hailey Collier, Tess McIntyre and Teagan Gerstel, Staff–

Sophomore Jazmin Roberts did not want her brother Tyler Roberts to join the National Guard after high school. She did not want him fighting; she didn’t want him in danger.

However, once she realized what the National Guard more realistically entailed, Jazmin was less concerned.

The National Guard is the United States’ primary military reserve, and it often deal with natural disasters, according to Jazmin.

Tyler was inspired by his grandfather, who was also in service.

“He’s one of [Tyler’s] biggest heroes,” Jazmin said.

Neither Jazmin nor her mother expected Tyler to join the National Guard. It hadn’t been a lifelong dream, but more of a recent decision.

Sophomore Cole Bertrand’s older brother, Connor Coates, had a very different experience with enlistment. He wasn’t inspired by family to join the Marine Corps, but by recruiters that came to his school.

“Mom said no– for obvious reasons– but eventually she realized it was his decision, and was okay with it,” Bertrand said.

On the other hand, Eric Ade, sophomore Nate Ade’s brother, had been thinking about enlisting for years. The decision just had to be made: college or the military.

Eric eventually decided to try college, but he only went for two weeks.

Eric decided to enlist, and while his parents were concerned, they supported his decision.

Eric is currently a sniper in the Army.

“The reality [of what Eric was doing] set in when he called home and said he was being shot at,” Nate said.

Although both Jazmin and Nate have no desire to follow in their brothers’ military footsteps, Bertrand once did.

“I used to think it would be cool. I mean, everyone looks up to your older brother,” Bertrand said.

Now that Bertrand is older he doesn’t have the same dream.

“Do more [of] what you want to do. Don’t feel like you need to go somewhere just because your family did,” Bertrand said.

Watch the video below to learn about senior Rogrik Davis, who is joining the Air Force as a mechanic after high school and will be getting a start on it this summer:

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