Senior Sunrise marks the beginning of the school year

By Elissa Koh, Editor-in-Chief–

Seniors gathered at the Davis High stadium early in the morning to attend Senior Sunrise, carrying on the annual school tradition where seniors watch the sun rise on the first day of school. The event marked the beginning of their last year of high school, with the sun rising at approximately 6:30 a.m.

Senior Rayna Kibrya woke up around 5 a.m. to go to Senior Sunrise with friends. Although it took a while for the sun to come up, Kibrya did not regret going, and enjoyed the view of the sky as the sun rose.

“I went to make the best of my senior year and to be with my friends before the school day started,” Kibrya said. “ My favorite part about Senior Sunrise was just being with everyone, and making one of many memories of senior year.”

Like Kibrya, senior Hyo Joon Ahn woke up at 5 a.m. and picked up his friends to see the sunrise together, bringing blankets and jackets in anticipation of a chilly morning.

“I went to senior sunrise because I liked the idea of kicking off the senior year with my friends and senior classmates,” Ahn said.

Ahn used the time waiting for the sun to rise to talk and catch up with his friends. After the sunrise, Ahn and his friends went to Noah’s Bagels for breakfast.

Even though Ahn enjoyed Senior Sunrise at the moment, he began to feel the consequences of waking up early during school.

“I began to regret [going to Senior Sunrise] throughout the day when I [would] fall asleep during class from the lack of sleep,” Ahn said.

Although senior Kalie Mitchell-Silbaugh intended to wake up early like Ahn in order to attend Senior Sunrise, she ended up sleeping through all her alarms and arrived around 6:20 a.m. at school.

“My friends brought blankets and we ate breakfast there, though unfortunately they were out of coffee by the time I got there,” Mitchell-Silbaugh said.

Through Senior Sunrise, Mitchell-Silbaugh was able to catch up with friends and celebrate their first day of school together, although they ended up leaving the stadium before the sun had completely risen–along with most other seniors– to go to the Marketplace for more coffee.

“Overall Senior Sunrise was a good experience, despite how early it was. I went because I thought it was a great way to symbolize the start of senior year, and also because of the free bagels,” Mitchell-Silbaugh said.


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