Students use the summer to work

By Lauren Keck, Staff–

Summer vacation often means travelling, relaxing and spending time with friends, but for some people it also means work. Many students at Davis High work hard at summer jobs while school is out.

Senior Lyla Schoenig worked as a counselor for a summer camp at Full Belly Farm for three weeks.

“The camp teaches kids about the farming process and we spend a lot of time in the creek and interacting with the farm animals,” Schoenig said.

Junior Kim McCutcheon worked her first job as a lifeguard at Stonegate Country Club this summer.

“My older brother was a head lifeguard at Stonegate a few years ago and knew the current manager, so I knew I could easily get the job. It also paid well and had good hours,” McCutcheon said.

Like many jobs, McCutcheon needed certain requirements in order to get the position.

“Some of the requirements were having lifeguard training, which I had received in the spring, as well as Title 22 training. To receive these I had to spend a few weekends training,” McCutcheon said.

Senior Kieran Swenson has a job working at Peet’s Coffee that he started in July this summer. He works about 15 to 20 hours a week.

“At times [during the summer] it felt like an inconvenience and got in the way of making plans but it also meant I had money to spend when I did have time to go out,” Swenson said.

Schoenig also feels that there are both good and bad parts of working a summer job.

“The camp required a lot of energy and I never really had any time off but it pays good money and nothing can beat getting to live on such a beautiful farm for a few weeks,” she said.

McCutcheon found some positives other than money to her summer of work.

“It also helped me become more responsible and independent. Another perk was getting to know lots of new people!” McCutcheon said.

Despite the perks, there can be downsides to working during summer vacation.

“It made my summer seem a lot shorter! It seemed like I was always working and didn’t have much time to go places or be with friends. I tried to make sure that when I wasn’t working, I had something to do that was fun,” McCutcheon said.

Many students find summer the ideal time to find employment.

“When working in summer I don’t have to miss any school or sports and I get to be in a pretty cool place while getting paid,” Schoenig said.

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