Students begin homecoming buildup with proposals

By Ainsley Dahl Staff–

A creative sign from your homecoming date is becoming as essential as a dress, tux and shoes at high school dances.

Adding to the stress of finding someone to take to the dance, it is now expected of students to come up with a clever phrase to woo a potential date. With less than a week before homecoming, the students of Davis High are hurrying to come up with the perfect way to ask.

These proposals are short, witty and charming, but most importantly are geared towards the personal interests of one’s date. The idea started from the also clever name prom proposals or “proposals,” which have been going on for years.

Sophomores Andrew Montano and Lia Elms are close friends and are going the dance together this Saturday. Montano had been planning on asking Elms for a week, but was still nervous when the time came.

“I just thought my sign was super embarrassing, but it was our inside joke so I just [kind of]msaid to myself that I don’t really care what other people think,” Montano said.

The sign said “It’s everyday bro so will you dab with me at hoco?!”

Elms had a positive reaction to Montano’s promposal.

“I was really happy when he asked me because I could tell he put a lot of effort into the sign and it was really cute,” Elms said.

Although Elms knew it was coming, the surprise factor was still there.

“I was surprised because I didn’t really know when. I didn’t know what the sign was gonna say.” Elms said.

A large number of students asked their dates this past Friday, with friends gathered around to take pictures and watch the exciting event unfold.

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