Cheerleaders prepare for the homecoming game

The Davis High cheer team hits the field during halftime of the first football game of the season. (Photo: R. Tilmatine)

By Viktoria Anderson, Staff–

The Davis High varsity cheer team has been temporarily setback by injuries while preparing for Homecoming, causing it to skip out on their performance at the rally on Monday. They are practicing every day, both as a team and individually, to be ready for the game on Friday.  

“Although a few of our girls have gotten injured, we are still going to have an amazing performance on Friday,” cheerleader Kate Mayne said.

The team has been working for the past month and a half on a brand new halftime routine which includes a dance, stunts and tumbling. It has a more hip-hop vibe, which is different from their usual routines. In preparation, the team is perfecting their stunting by conditioning and many hours of work per week.

To ensure each member perform’s to the best of their abilities, they are spending extra hours individually going over cheers everyday and practicing the dance.

“It definitely sucks messing up in front of a lot of people especially at Homecoming, but we’ve all been there so that’s why we just keep practicing,” cheerleader Angelina Boggess said

The cheer team will also participate in the homecoming parade so they are working on their float as well. The coach is working on assigning differing roles in the parade for both the seniors and lower classmen as all 40 girls cannot sit on the float at once.

“According to our coach, seniors will do something special, different from the lower classmen, but we don’t actually know what it is yet,” senior Alex Johnson said.

The girls are doing small, kind gestures for the football team as well, to help them be in the right enthusiastic spirit for the big game. On Thursday, cheerleaders will decorate the players’ locker room after school, and then on Friday they will each buddy up with a player and present them with a small gift, such as candy.

As a team, the cheerleaders are helping each other, specifically newcomers, to keep everyone on the same page so that no one feels unprepared. They are fixing up little flaws in their new routine, adding and taking away small pieces at a time.

“As a team, we are really pushing each other to do their best and feel ready for the game on Friday,” senior Karlie Macalpin said.

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