Student Government waits for homecoming dance plans to come to fruition

By Kasey Zhang, Staff–

Davis High’s Student Government has been working since the beginning of the school year to plan all homecoming events.

Junior Carina Fettinger is the head of the homecoming dance committee which consists of five other students. Together, they work on different parts to plan the best Homecoming they can.

“Carina assigned us different tasks to complete in the beginning [of the year] and we have been checking them off ever since,” sophomore Sandy McGlothlin said.

The committee has the majority of the dance planned; all that is left is finalizing the details. They have the overall decoration layout worked out and have decided on a DJ as well.

Fettinger and McGlothlin both agree that the hardest part in planning the dance was getting the venue set.

“We had some miscommunications with venues but we were able to work it out and everything’s coming into place so it’s working out!” Fettinger said.

Fettinger’s favorite part about homecoming is seeing new students and sophomores experience their first homecoming week. 

“Everything is super fun! I’m super excited for everything,” Fettinger said.

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