Sophomore plans her first homecoming float


Sophomore Senators Catie Fee (right) and Sydney Moore (left) stand next to an almost completed witch coven-themed sophomore float at Davis High. Both are on the committee to create the float, which will be featured in the homecoming parade on Oct. 13. (Photo: J. Miyamoto)

By Juju Miyamoto, Staff–

Over the summer, before the school year even began, the student government class of Davis High came together to begin planning homecoming week.

DHS homecoming week consists of Spirit Days, a door decoration competition, a rally, a parade, the football game and the homecoming dance.

Sophomore Senate Catie Fee planned the sophomore float in her assigned committee.

As a sophomore, Fee had never participated in the homecoming procedure before this year. Her upperclassmen helped her through the process.

“Pretty much from day one we were peers, you know, on the same level,” Fee said.

Planning the homecoming float was overwhelming for Fee. For a project to move on, it needed approval from the student government class, ASB presidents, the executive board, the financial office and the city of Davis.

“I was concerned that if we didn’t execute it well, that it wouldn’t meet everyone’s expectations,” Fee said.

Fee was involved in float ideas, approval for the parade, budget concerns, construction of the float and creating a sophomore team to help with the building.

To prepare for the project, Fee read the reports of what went right and wrong on previous floats.

For weeks in her student government class, Fee and her committee brainstormed ideas for the float.

The sophomore float committee was approved by the rest of Student Government to build a witch coven-themed float. On the vehicle will be a bubbling cauldron, dead trees, dangling chains and spider webs.

Cariappa Kodira, a sophomore in Student Government, helped the committee build the float.

“It was deciding what supplies we need, and how we were getting stuff to go where,” Kodira said.

Fee took time out of her day after school to build the float that was planned and approved in class.

“So far we’re doing great,” Fee said. “We’re perfectly on track.”

ASB Vice President Lauren Giovannetti is confident that Fee and her team have the ideas to make the float on time.

“They are super prepared, super innovative,” Giovannetti said. “I have full faith [the float is] gonna look awesome.”

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