Davis High students participate in Spirit Week

Seniors Baxter Whittemore, Luke Schwegler, Jack Tetreault, Iason Pitsillides, Carter Swift and Peter Holderbein (right to left) show their school spirit at the homecoming game.

By Jayke Sommers,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

This past homecoming week, Davis High students participated in the Spirit Days organized by Student Government. 

Sophmore Allison Metler, a new member of Blue Devil Pride squad, showed her school spirit throughout the week.

“I love my school. I think it’s fun to participate in school activities,” Metler said.

Metler joined the BDP squad because her older sister did it during her years at DHS and had so much fun. It was also a way to show her love of school spirit.

Another sophomore, Fernando Corona, said that his favorite spirit day was “Blue Out,” where students were encouraged to wear all blue, because of all the crazy ways people dress up.

“You can do whatever you want and nobody judges you,” Corona said.

Seniors Simen Guttormsen and Carter Swift were very involved with the Spirit Days as well.

“It is super fun […] It makes us all unite,” Guttormsen said.

Swift was at the homecoming game last night with his friends. They were all shirtless with blue letters on their bodies spelling the word “Devils.”

“My favorite part of spirit week is probably the people who go all out no matter what others think. I think it just makes it more fun,” Swift said.    

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