Homecoming dance moved to North Gym

By Liliana Ma,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff-

The Davis High homecoming dance will be moved to the North Gym on Oct. 13 after many students expressed their disappointment over the limited space of the South Gym. Originally, ticket sales were capped at 500, however, due to the influx of demand, the dance location was changed to accommodate more people.

Students will be able to buy tickets at the door of the dance. Tickets will be sold from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. with the same prices given before. However, to avoid floor damage, people will have to take off their shoes before entering the gym.

The scene at the finance office after fifth period on Thursday was chaotic. There were many students still waiting in the line to buy last minute homecoming tickets when all the tickets were sold out.

According to Student Government, the maximum amount of people allowed to be in the South Gym is about 500. As a result, the tickets were limited. Students understood the situation but, emotionally, it was hard to accept since they couldn’t attend the dance.

“I’m honestly disappointed because it’s my senior year and my last homecoming. But like, I know that the gym is small and it’s a safety thing, so I can’t really be mad at anyone,” senior Lili Kunimoto said.

Junior Carina Fettinger, the dance committee leader, has had many challenges with the homecoming dance this year.

“The plans for the dance did not run smoothly and more students this year wanted to go […] It’s disappointing to turn people down. We hope to find a bigger building to hold the dance in later years,” Fettinger said.

Students’ perspective on Homecoming quickly changed as they were all notified that the dance was relocated to include more people.

“I’m really glad they made it work. I know lots of my friends are so excited. I’m really excited too,” sophomore Luciana Gutierrez said.

Senior Iason Pitsillides is happy that more tickets are being sold but he believes “there needs to be a better way of distributing them. A line is kind of a hassle since people can join their friends in line at the front which prolongs the time to get a ticket,” Pitsillides said. 

Despite the drama, students are staying positive and appreciate all the effort of their classmates made.

“Homecoming is going to be awesome!” junior Jack Welsh said.

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