Dance wraps up homecoming week

Students enter the North Gym where the homecoming dance took place. (Photo: S. Ericsson)

By Paige Ochoa, Staff–

Many students attended the “Davis Haunted Homecoming Dance” on Oct. 14, taking place from 9 to 11:30 p.m., and finished off a week of homecoming festivities.

Multi-colored strobe lights flashed throughout the dance and jack-o-lantern lights, skeleton ghosts and other freaky creatures surrounded the dance floor.

“The spooky decorations and music made for the best experience for my first DHS dance,” sophomore Daelin Johnson said.

From start to finish, the dance floor was packed with students dancing in couples or large groups of friends. Several jam circles broke out, as individuals showed off their best dance moves to the crowd.

“It was way more exciting than I thought it was going to be,” sophomore Gia Fanucchi said.

As the DJ continuously switched up the music from old to new, he encountered mixed reviews as some found it difficult to keep up with the changing genres and artists, while others enjoyed the mixed tapes.

“Overall it was probably one of the more fun [dances],” senior Tyler Mortensen said.

Junior and head of dance committee Carina Fettinger and other members of the committee contributed weeks of work advertising and finding funds for the dance.

“I really enjoy dances and planning different events, so [I was] just hoping I could make [this dance] just as great [as my first high school dance],” Fettinger said.

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