Ski team debates dilemma: the slopes or Wi-Ball?

The DHS ski team will leave Davis for the weekend to ski in the Eastern Sierras at the expense of attending the Winter Ball.

By Jaden Fix, Staff–

This Saturday, many Davis High students are excited for a night of dancing and fun at Winter Ball. The DHS ski team, however, is looking forward to its weekend of skiing at Mammoth Mountain, a ski resort in the Eastern Sierras.

Though this could be interpreted as a misfortune, having the most important weekend of ski practice conflicting with an evening of dancing, junior Justin Qvistgaard is glad he gets to ski.

“I’d rather spend it on the mountain for a weekend than spend one night at a dance,” Qvistgaard said. “If you are doing ski team, skiing’s pretty important to you, so I think I can speak for everyone when I say I’d rather be skiing.”

He speaks for Hank Schaaf, who, as well as Qvistgaard, wants to be skiing.

“I’m stoked for Mammoth,” Schaaf said. “It’s one of the best resorts in the U.S. and I’m gonna be shredding it all weekend.”

Junior Will Craig has a different opinion.

“It sucks because they scheduled it the same weekend as Wi-Ball, and it’s too late to back out because of hotel reservations and stuff,” Craig said. “It’s my favorite dance of the year and it sucks I have to miss out.”

Craig believes that more consideration should be put into planning dances around sports.

“If a big sports team were gone for the weekend, they wouldn’t have scheduled the dance for that weekend, it’s just that not many people know about ski team’s schedule, compared to the football games,” Craig said.

Qvistgaard agrees with Craig that the ski team is getting unfair treatment.

“I feel like they shouldn’t have it scheduled this weekend though, I want to go skiing more, but I’d rather do both,” Qvistgaard said.

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