Women’s basketball wins, men’s loses on Senior Night

An Elk Grove player shoots his free throws as the Blue Devils wait to pounce.

By Maggie Warren & Annie Cui,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

The Davis High varsity men’s basketball team lost 65-69 to Grant High School on Senior Night, Feb. 9.

“As a senior, it was a strange feeling overall going into the game. It was different that it was my final game in front of our fans– I really wanted to come out and play hard and do well,” senior and player Quinn Vaewsorn said.

The Blue Devils played tough, but seemed to lose steam towards the end.

“I think we played pretty good up until the fourth quarter. Things started clicking on offense in the third quarter which was cool to see,” senior Reed Hessl said.

The team fought hard through the whole game and there were many highlights.

“The highlight of the game was a scoring run we went on when all of our seniors were in. I could feel the energy from the crowd,” Vaewsorn said.

Even though the team fell short in the end, its undeniable bond kept spirits high.

“We are all family on and off the court. And that is something bigger than basketball that I won’t forget,” Hessl said.

Women’s varsity succeeds at senior night 

Junior Alex Agnew shoots a free throw at the team’s Senior Night.

The women’s basketball team dominated the home court for the last delta league game of the season on Feb. 13, winning 60-44 against Monterey Trail.

Seniors Kelsey Forrester, Gabby Arendt and Isabella Campos were all fired up yet sentimental for possibly the last home game of their high school careers.

“It’s a very emotional feeling. When I sat down at the end with Kelsey, we started to tear up because we didn’t want this to be our last game,” Arendt said.

All three seniors started the game alongside juniors Alex Agnew and Christina Oliva.

Oliva began the game by swiping the ball straight to Agnew, who passed it back to Oliva, giving her the chance to make a clean three-pointer for the first point of the game.

The chemistry on the court between Oliva and Agnew was explosive as they worked seamlessly together to shoot point after point and make endless combinations of fluid passes, layups and three-pointers.

With less than three minutes left in the second period, the Devils racked up points exponentially, leading 37-16.

“I think we came out so strong and took control of the game and played very well throughout the entire game,” Arendt said.

Forrester, who is ranked No. 1 in the league, kept up the talent on the court by catching rebounds for layups and nailing free throws and effortless swishes.

In the last two minutes of the game, Forrester made the last point and furthered the team’s victory gap.

“I thought personally I didn’t shoot the ball well which is usually my speciality but I think I adjusted well and started attacking the rim […] As a team I thought we played really well for it being the last league game. I thought we finished on a high note,” Forrester said.

Currently, the Blue Devils are tied for first place in the league with St. Francis and will begin playoffs Feb. 16.

“I played with focus tonight, aware that this game would determine a first place spot in Delta league,” Campos said.

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