Back-to-School Night is back

Principal Tom McHale addresses parents at the annual Back to School Night event for the 2018-2019 school year.

By Jenna Dyer, Staff–

Parents and guardians of Davis High students gathered on campus the night of Sept. 27 for the annual Back-to-School Night. The event invites parents and students to an evening function that introduces parents to their students’ classes and teachers.

The student government class kicked off the night with a barbeque for parents at 5:15.

Following the barbeque, principal Tom McHale gave an introductory address to all attendees in the north gym at 6, introducing them to the new school year.

“Back-to-School Night helps parents put a face to the name and settles them down about the year,” history teacher Caitlin Butler said.

Parents then continued on to their students first period class where they met the class instructor and heard about the course and what the year entails, for an information-packed 10 minutes.

“I think it really helps parents understand how Davis High works,” junior Parker Johnson said.

Parents continued to follow the rest of their students daily schedule for the remainder of the evening.

“I hope parents are more comfortable after coming, so they understand what goes on in school,” history teacher Dianna Huculak said.

Back to School night allows parents and teachers to get to know one another.

“[Back-to-School Night] opens communication between teachers and parents, and I hope they are comfortable communicating with me,” Butler said.

Parents of students with free periods or with teachers that were not in attendance were encouraged to visit the library, academic center and All Student Center during that time.

The evening winded down at 8:10, with a thank you and a good night from the administration office via intercom.

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