Parents have hoco suggestions: how to re-live the decades

Social studies teacher Kevin Williams models ’80s dress and attitude at today’s homecoming rally. Behind, senior Iain Smith participates in ‘Merica Monday with his red, white and blue outfit. 

By Iris Harshaw, Staff–

Whether someone’s a lady of the ’80s or a ’70s flower child, this week is sure to be extra fun for the old souls of Davis High. Get ready to break out your mom jeans and side ponytails. That’s right. It’s spirit week.

Following today’s ‘Merica Monday, the spirit days for homecoming this year are:

Tuesday: ‘60s vs ‘70s showdown: Beach boys vs Flower child
Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday: ‘80s edition
Thursday: Only ‘90s kids will remember: Prep vs Grunge
Friday: Blue Friday

Today’s high school students weren’t actually alive in the ’80s and the ’90s, so parents can be a valuable resource for getting dress-up inspiration.

DHS parent Robin Frank has some strong opinions about fashion in the ‘80s.

“It was awful. It was big hair, very big hair, on girls and boys. It was shoulder pads and leg warmers and big oversized clothes that were neon. People were wearing neon yellow and neon green and neon pink. It was awful,” Frank said.

However, sophomore Hazel George enjoys introducing smaller aspects of the ‘80s into her everyday wear, including scrunchies and white ankle socks.

“The late ‘80s and early ‘90s transitioned into a little bit more of a tailored look, kinda preppy [with] argyle and polo shirts. I remember all the Pearl Jam and all those grunge bands. I probably leaned a little bit more towards preppy…although I probably did wear flannel, which would put me in the grunge camp,” Frank said.

Grunge is a style of guitar-heavy rock music that was popularized in the ‘90s.

DHS parent David Spight recalls the grunge style of the ‘90s from when he was in high school.

“[There was] a lot of t-shirts from bands. There was one guy that wore a Metallica shirt like every other day,” Spight said.

As far as the ‘60s and ‘70s go, students can always use the internet for additional inspiration. The shapeless shift dresses and turtle necks of the ‘60s and the bell bottoms and tie-dye of the ‘70s are good places to start.

In fact, there is lots of retro clothing that has made a comeback in the 21st century, so students may be surprised to find lots of clothes already in their closets that would be perfect for showing their spirit.

High school students may be scared to dress up in seemingly ridiculous clothing, but they should remember that it can be really fun too.

Sophomore Lillian Gieschen was known at Holmes Jr. High for dressing up for every spirit day to the fullest of her ability.

“It really doesn’t matter what you put together, just as long as you’ve made an effort and that you’re having fun and that it semi-embodies what the spirit day is supposed to be about,” Gieschen said. “It’s more about having fun and representing your school.”

Gieschen has never participated in homecoming festivities before, but she is looking forward to bringing her spirit to DHS this year.

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