Hippies hit the waves

Seniors Grace Bosco (left) and Claire (right) embrace the ’60s with their Flower Child outfits.

By Sarah Griffiths,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Davis High students showed their school spirit for the second day by dressing up in Flower Child vs Beach Boy costumes to embody the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Junior Sophie Purves went the extra mile for Tuesday’s spirit day with a very colorful outfit. She wore striped rainbow flair pants, a tie dye Giants shirt, a peace sign necklace, a flower crown and white shoes.

Purves is a member of the student government and is always showing her support for the school.

“I love dressing up to show my spirit for homecoming,” Purves said.

Purves wasn’t the only one that got into the spirit with hippie and beach themed clothes. Senior trio Krystle Aquino, Jazmin Roberts and May Tanaka rocked hawaiian shirts and leis.

Roberts took a trip to Goodwill to go spirit week shopping where she found her red Hawaiian skirt. “It’s my senior year, I just want to go all out,” Roberts said.

Sophomores Susannah Costello and Jack Stilling chose to wear opposite outfits with Costello going as a hippie and Stilling as a surfer boy. “[Spirit week] brings the community together,” Stilling said.

Susannah Costello (left) and Jack Stilling (right) embody both of Tuesday’s themes. 

Costello found it easy to make a costume out of things she already had. “I don’t know why some people don’t dress up, its fun and easy,” she said.

Seniors Grace Bosco and Claire Williams looked laid-back and classy in their hippie getups. Bosco wore flowy patterned pants, an orange shirt, glasses and a tassel cover up. Williams mixed up both themes with a red dress, a tassel cover up and a lei wrapped on her head as a headband.

“I want to remember the fun times of dressing up for spirit week and getting hyped up for homecoming,” Bosco said.

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