Teachers look forward to a fun homecoming week

Raymond (left) and Bruch (right) showing their school spirit on ‘Merica Monday.

By Jaeli Williams,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

It’s that exciting time of the year again, it’s homecoming week! Students may be hyped for the exciting week, but teachers are also looking forward to showing their pride for Davis High.

On Monday, students were seen wearing the colors of the American flag, while others were wearing everyday clothes not wanting to participate in the excitement. But those who dressed up silly will get extra credit in Phil Raymond’s math class.

Sporting a plaid, red shirt with matching red shoes for ‘Merica Monday, Raymond shows off his spirit too.

“I am acknowledging that [dressing up] takes an effort and students should be rewarded with extra credit,” Raymond said. Over the course of the week, students who dress up in his class will gain extra credit equivalent to two homeworks.

Besides giving extra credit, Raymond enjoys the overall theme of Homecoming. “I like it because it’s an opportunity for fun and relaxation,” Raymond said. He explains that it also brings positivity and enthusiasm besides the strict academics of school.

Wearing a simple white blouse with small flowers at the neckline for 60s vs. 70s spirit day, Spanish teacher Janice Candelario comments about spirit week.

“Homecoming week is more fun this year with my daughter,” Candelario said. She also likes that students have room to be creative when they dress up or do door decorating.

Raymond and Candelario are not the only teachers showing their pride for their school. Science-fiction and drama teacher Gwyneth Bruch is totally into spirit week.

This homecoming Bruch was featured in the rally’s fashion show, wearing a fur vest and representing the flower child. She moderately decorated her face with blue face paint.

“I didn’t have spirit week at the high school that I went to,” Bruch said. “I feel privileged to be part of the fun. I love spirit week.”

She says that spirit week is an opportunity to have fun with costumes and be “sassy.” Bruch looks forward to dressing up on Wacky Wednesday because she lived through the 80s.

Psychology teacher Michael Kanna has good memories of previous homecoming games, like seeing a long line of students buying tickets for the big football game and seeing students from previous years join in on the fun.

“It’s fun seeing students from the last five years at the game,” Kanna said.

He recalls a particular homecoming dance that he had chaperoned that had consisted mostly of girls. “It was fun to see them dancing to Cyndi Lauper’s song, ‘Girls just want to have fun,’” Kanna said.

If teachers have to agree on one thing about homecoming, it’s that it brings people together.


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