Vasquez leads homecoming prep

Anthony Vasquez, student government adviser and English teacher, talks to former students. (Photo: HUB archives)

By Jason Firpo, Staff–

For Davis High student government adviser Anthony Vasquez, planning homecoming each year is a six-week ordeal.

He works with student government officers to plan and achieve new things, such as the school rally, homecoming dance, spirit week, halftime performance and the door decorating contest.

Additional responsibilities include presenting ideas to administration and keeping track of last years events and improving off them.

During the weeks leading up to homecoming, Vasquez enjoys seeing student leaders grow, pull off events, and have a great “sense of pride and achievements.”

“He is always telling what needs to be done, and never beats around the bush,” sophomore senator Liam Swenson said.

Vasquez also enjoys watching his students get pushed out of their comfort zones, become closer friends and rise to the challenge of organizing homecoming week.

However as adviser, he often tries to “stay in the background” and encourages his students to try to make choices on their own.

“He is also really helpful and if you have a problem he can help you with it himself instead of just telling you what to do,” Swenson said.

Vasquez has been teaching at Davis High for eight years and has taught for 10 years in total.

Prior to working at DHS, he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at San Diego State University and got his teaching credential at UC Davis.

For Vasquez, however, his favorite part of homecoming is “when it’s over.”

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